MEP Engineering

MEP engineering

Design Auditing and Value Engineering comprise interesting and innovative processes designated to optimize your design, reduce your capital investment and reduce energy cost of your project.

Vtormat Engineering provides third party independent services of design auditing and value engineering which focusing on analyzing and reviewing electromechanical designs and identifying areas that lack effective approaches for their respective applications.

Vtormat Engineering high skilled engineers use their “trained eyes” and competences to identify appropriate designs that meet your project’s requirements and safely reduce your capital cost.

Our high skilled and experienced energy consultants will enhance your electromechanical designs to be in accordance with energy efficiency standards during the design to provide higher equipment efficiency and lower costs of energy. Simply, our evaluation will protect you from future replacement of inefficient systems, additional expenses and assure money saving.

During the design auditing and value engineering program, Vtormat Engineering use a complex approach to consider the design and define the least costly and energy effective ways to accomplish the desired objective without impairing safety, performance, reliability or ease in operations.

Our design auditing and value engineering includes assessment of the following:

  • Electrical power requirement and substations.
  • Electrical power cables and circuit breakers.
  • Lighting system design and lighting controls.
  • Cooling and heating loads, systems, equipment and efficiency.
  • Hot water and steam systems’ requirements, capacity and efficiency.
  • Ventilation system and their controls.
  • Water system capacity and requirements.
  • Waste water system capacity and requirements.
  • Pumping system and their controls.
  • All other electromechanical equipment.