Equipment maintenance / Servicing


Servicing is a complex of routine maintenance to keep equipment in working order. Our mechanical and equipment base allow us to perform services of equipment maintenance/servicing.

In this regard we have the following scope:

  1. Servicing meaning daily service of electric devices and units, control of working conditions, inspection, following technical maintenance rules and instructions of the manufacturer.
  2. Minimization of faults during working process, for this is necessary to follow technical state terms and servicing testing of the equipment.
  3. Electrical equipment servicing is carried out by highly qualified personnel familiarized with the equipment and work principles of the units.
  4. Daily servicing of the equipment is performed by the same person.

During supervision and servicing are done the following basic operations:

  • Cleaning and wiping of parts, impellers and unloading cylinders
  • Lubrication and testing of lubricating devices operation
  • Surveillance of electrical products serviceability
  • Surveillance of the condition of bolted joints, gaskets, lubrication, belts
  • Checking of grounding conductor contacts attachment
  • Changing of oil seal, commonly once in 2 months
  • Changing of gear motor oil, commonly after 4000 exploitation hours
  1. In the process of monthly maintenance of the equipment is carried out:
  • Inspection of working surfaces
  • Testing wire connection contacts to clamps and terminals and the contacts of grounding conductor

6. During the initial period is carried out lubricant replacement after 150 hours operation. Execution of further lubricant replacements according to the terms from equipment passports.