Engineering Solutions


Many entities such as financing companies, small industries, hospitality and management companies suffers from lack of specialized experienced professionals in fields related to selection, improvement and maintenance of electromechanical systems.

This can affect the operation causing various technical and financial problems and thus it may be selected an improper electromechanical equipment, which often increases energy costs and causes higher and unjustified expenses.

Vtormat Engineering’s experience in electromechanical and energy systems design, operation and selection assist you to take the right decision about retrofitting and improving your systems to avoid additional expenses, reducing your energy costs in the following areas:

  • Energy saving devices and equipment.
  • Stand-by generators sizing and capacity.
  • New expansion requirements and verification.
  • Lighting systems and their controls.
  • Selection and assessment of HVAC systems.
  • Ventilation systems.
  • Pumping Systems.
  • Hot water systems.
  • Steam systems.
  • Compressed air systems.

Vtormat Engineering provide to its clients periodical consultancy contracts in which Vtormat Engineering acts as energy and engineering consultant to assist you taking right decisions now and in future.