Waste-To-Energy Treatment


Waste-To-Energy (WtE) treatment technology uses environmentally friendly incineration process that minimizes the emission of pollutants into the air, as compared to traditional incinerators.

WtE incineration method eliminates over 96% of waste, and treat municipal, commercial and medical waste, sewage sludge and bio-hazardous materials. Equipped with advanced flue gas cleaners, the emissions from a WtE incinerator are smoke-free, without odor and practically with no pollutants.

In collaboration with our holding and leading industry partners, Vtormat Engineering provides a comprehensive spectrum of WtE treatment solutions, from design consultancy and environmental impact assessment to maintenance, repair and overhaul programs.

Our WtE systems feature long service life, high throughput performance and efficient electrical consumption, enabling our customers to save costs and adopt environmentally responsible practices.

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