About us

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Vtormat Engineering is the integrated engineering branch of Vtormat Holding, a provider of turnkey solutions and services for financing, engineering, development and operation of recycling plants.

With its extensive experience, Vtormat Engineering is a premier turnkey provider of engineering, development, equipment manufacturing and operation of recycling plants, and services with a worldwide customer base starting with western Europe and ending with Asian Far East.

We have a strong track record in the design, construction, upgrade and conversion of recycling facilities for waste and plastic streams.

In addition to new developments and conversions, we also provide maintenance and repairs of recycling facilities.

Customized engineering support by our team of high skilled designers and engineers underlies our abilities to meet our customers’ exacting needs.

Riding on our system integration, project management and plant design / engineering competencies, Vtormat Engineering also offers a range of sustainable environmental engineering solutions through our subsidiaries to meet the increasing global demand in this business.

Our subsidiaries are expanding the environmental engineering business in European and Asian countries. Together, they offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions, specializing in the treatment of municipal solid waste and subsequent recycling of recyclables and manufacturing of end-products.